- About The Right Gardening -

Welcome to The Right Gardening. I feel so glad you are here. To be precise, The Right Gardening is all about gardening goodness, helpful resources, and sustainable living. Here we have conversations about how to lead a greener and healthier lifestyle.

Initially, The Right Gardening was started as a hobby to share gardening experiences with budding gardeners and to seek out the valuable advice from the experts who have made it big in this realm.

However, my interests evolved with time and so did this website. Now, here I mostly write about flower gardening, vegetable gardening, herbs, and green living.

- What's in it for me -

You must be wondering what will I get from this website? Well, The Right Gardening is over 100 articles strong and counting along with gardening videos which I upload regularly on my YouTube channel.

This website is ever-changing but the core values remain the same. Here at TRG, we are a community. A community that helps each other. Currently, I write about topics like:

- Organic gardening
- Flower gardening
- Vegetable gardening
- Green living
- Growing herbs

So just browse through the articles, and have fun :)

- The man behind The Right Gardening -

Well, my name is Akshay Chugh and I am a real person wearing many hats just like you. I am a marketer by profession and a gardener by passion. You can take me as your friendly neighbor who always has something interesting to share with you. So Who am I?

A marketer who is currently settled in New Delhi, India.
An obsessive organic gardener. I am a serious promoter of organic gardening.
A strong believer. I believe together as a community we can make a difference.
A loyal friend. I am all ears to people who visit my website. I respond to the comments and look forward to learning something new from my readers.

Phew! I told you I wear a lot of hats :)

- Get in touch with me -

Don't hesitate to ask me a question. Please feel free to get in touch with me through my contact us page or by leaving a comment on a post. If you want to talk to me on Facebook and Twitter, please go ahead.