Plant name: Tecoma Stans
Genus: Tecoma
Species: T. Stans
Growing difficulty: 🍃🍃(Learn more about the difficulty rating)

Tecoma Stans plant is a species of flowering plant native to the Americas. It is known for its bright bell-shaped flowers. Its beautiful leaves too offer a beautiful backdrop to the trumpet-shaped flowers.

Plant Hack: The flowers of Tecoma Stans can attract a lot of hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies, making it an ideal plant for a vegetable garden.

While the hybrids can produce colorful flowers no variety can beat the hardiness of Tecoma Stans which makes it a perfect plant for beginner gardeners.

Tecoma Stans Plant Care

Tecoma Stans is not a high-maintenance plant. In fact, this plant is tolerant of harsh weather conditions like drought, cold, and heat.

Size and growth - Tecoma plants have the potential to grow up to 9 feet in height but on average, this plant stays in the range of 3 to 6 feet range.

Light - Yellow bells plant requires at least 5-6 hours of direct sunlight to grow and thrive. Though this plant can grow in the shade that will impact the number of blooms it produces.

Soil - Tecoma Stans is tolerant to almost every kind of soil but it's recommended to grow it in soil rich in organic matter and good drainage. I follow a specific ratio to grow Tecoma Stans in my garden. That ratio includes 40 percent regular garden soil, 30 percent any organic compost (cow dung manure, horse dung manure, or vermicompost) 20 percent steamed bone meal powder, and 10 percent neem cake fertilizer. Mix these ingredients well and apply them to the soil before planting.

Watering - Tecoma prefers slightly moist soil. This plant is drought-tolerant and can survive dry spells. Please be sure not to overwater this plant as it may lead to root rot issues. Try creating a watering schedule to avoid under and overwatering issues.

Fertilizer - You can use a well-balanced fertilizer like 19:19:19 NPK. Mix 1 tablespoon of NPK powder with 1 Liter of clean water, mix it well, and apply 100-150 ml of fertilizer to the soil and spray it on foliage every 15 days. Other than the NPK, you can also add an organic fertilizer like liquid Seaweed fertilizer - It's a cold-pressed fertilizer that sells as a concentrate. Add 1 ml of concentrate to 1 liter of clean water, mix it well, and when the fertilizer is ready, apply 100-150 ml of that fertilizer to the soil and spray some on the foliage as well every 15 days.

Pro tip: You can make both of these fertilizers a part of your fertilizer schedule. Apply NPK after the first 15 days and then apply liquid seaweed concentrate after the next 15 days. This way, you will be providing your plant with all types of essential nutrients to grow and thrive.

Pruning: Regular pruning can help this plant stay in shape. Remember, the Tecoma plant is an invasive plant and you need to ensure it doesn't impact the growth of other plants. I would recommend pruning the plant in the late winter when the frost threat is over. This will prepare the plant for the next season and will also keep it tidy.


Follow these tips on your Tecoma Stans plant and see the magic! :)

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